Monday, June 21, 2010


Ok, so my mom has the girls for the whole weeks, so I have a little more time to blog.

Last week, I went into the kitchen to do the dishes (one of my favorite things to do....sarcasm) and as I reached in the sink I noticed something move. As I picked up the cookie sheet to get a better look, I saw that it was a real, live scorpion as long as my index finger!! I have never seen a scorpion in real life....EVER. So, naturally I start screaming and jumping up and down like a little girl in the middle of the kitchen. Oh, and my hubby conveniently is out of town. So, no option to just call him in to "take care" of it.

So, my first instinct is to start spraying it with 409. This only made it mad. It started to try to climb up out of the sink. Me, still squealing like a little girl, starts getting the heebie jeebies! So, I looked around for something to squish it. The first thing I was able to grab was a spatula and finally squished it. Eeeewwww!! It still gives me the shivers!!

I checked all of our beds that night two or three times to make sure there wasn't any of his friends waiting for us....

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  1. That was about like me the first time I found a scorpion in the house- mine was on the kitchen counter. I had Dwaine on the phone walking me through what to do and I'm sure he didn't appreciate the screaming in his ear.
    In the last month or two around here, we have found a scorpion, a snake and a tarantula- not cool. Talk about weebie jeebies!!